Cool Tool: Visualizing the Orchestrator Web Service

One of our friends over on the Office365 team who does a lot of stuff with Orchestrator and PowerShell (and I mean deep stuff), Tim Bertalot, pointed out a cool Visual Studio add-on that lets you visualize the schema of a web service. The tool is called the Open Data Protocol Visualizer and is available… Read more

Best Practices: Which is Better… Monitoring or Triggering?

One of the major pieces of functionality in Orchestrator and in many of the Integration Packs the ability to monitor something (a database, a server) and start a runbook when a certain condition occurs. The monitor activities are used extensively by customers in a wide array of scenarios. But is it the best way to… Read more

Sequel to the SQL Sequel: Helpful Stored Procedures for Orchestrator

I just couldn’t resist having a little fun with the title of the article…but today’s topic is a little more serious. In the previous articles,IPs and Activities and How Those are Represented in the Database and SQL Sequel: More Useful Orchestrator Database Queries, I talked about some queries to get information out of the Orchestrator… Read more

Cool Tool: Orchestrator IP Cleaner (sneak peek)

When I was writing the article I posted a few days ago about importing IPs programmatically (More Fun with COM: Importing Integration Packs via PowerShell), I had to do a lot of testing to make sure the script was going to actually work and import the Integration Packs correctly. Along the way, I would up… Read more

SQL Sequel: More Useful Orchestrator Database Queries

In the last article, I showed how you can run a few SQL queries to find some detailed information about IPs, runbooks and activities and their relationships in the database. In this article, I’ll focus more on running runbooks (Jobs). To start with, here’s a diagram of the relationships of the tables related to to… Read more

More Fun with COM: Importing Integration Packs via PowerShell

Around the office, we have more and more internal teams that are latching on to Orchestrator and wanting to use it for building all sorts of integrations and automations, but one of the things that comes up from time to time is how to get the ability to have some sort of complete installation process… Read more

Using Windows Task Scheduler to Invoke Scheduled Runbooks

This article is a follow-on to my previous post, Cool Tool: New Command Line Utility to Start a Runbook, where I talked about using the web service to quickly start a runbook with named parameters. Now it’s time to put that into action! Orchestrator administrators know that Orchestrator is not built to be a scheduling… Read more

Community Spotlight: New Tool to “Sanitize” Runbook Exports

Ryan Andorfer, one of our favorite members of the Orchestrator community, has done it again. He has come out with a new utility to help administrators sanitize their runbook export files.Here’s what Ryan has to say: A ‘difficulty’ we have with migrating policies / Runbooks from one environment (dev) to another (QA / Prod) is… Read more

Cool Tool: Hiding Unused Categories in the Activities Pane

Note from the legal dept: The process described here is not officially supported by Microsoft and are provided only as an example to the community. Neither I nor Microsoft, nor any other person, animal, vegetable or mineral assumes responsibility for the process demonstrated here. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! I have an Orchestrator system that… Read more