Removing Inaccessible Computers from Deployment Manager

Ok, I spared you the “SQL Sequel” puns this time, but this article does contain some SQL…In this article, I’m again going to talk about actually removing data, so here goes the big scary warning box: Note from the legal department: The process described here is not officially supported by Microsoft and are provided only… Read more

Sequel to the SQL Sequel: Helpful Stored Procedures for Orchestrator

I just couldn’t resist having a little fun with the title of the article…but today’s topic is a little more serious. In the previous articles,IPs and Activities and How Those are Represented in the Database and SQL Sequel: More Useful Orchestrator Database Queries, I talked about some queries to get information out of the Orchestrator… Read more

SQL Sequel: More Useful Orchestrator Database Queries

In the last article, I showed how you can run a few SQL queries to find some detailed information about IPs, runbooks and activities and their relationships in the database. In this article, I’ll focus more on running runbooks (Jobs). To start with, here’s a diagram of the relationships of the tables related to to… Read more

IPs and Activities and How Those are Represented in the Database

Following some of my recent articles about how Integration Packs (IPs) are handled during registration, installation, and unregistration (see Understanding IP Installation: What Does Register/Unregister/Deploy/Undeploy Really Mean?), and as a precursor to a new tool I will be unveiling this week (trying to build the excitement a bit!), I wanted to talk about installing IPs… Read more