IP Development Best Practices: Declarative, Imperative or Both?

When I first started working with Opalis (now Orchestrator) and the SDK, I was taught that you could create activities (and Integration Packs) using the declarative approach or the imperative approach. The way it was relayed, these were two mutually-exclusive paths toward the same end goal. As I work more and more with Orchestrator and… Read more

Getting Deeper Information from orchestrator via COM, part 2

In the last post, I showed you how to use PowerShell to connect to the Orchestrator COM interface for getting (and setting) various types of information. Now I’m going to run through a quick demo of how to get things like global resources (variables, counters, etc.) from COM and even modify them if you need… Read more

Adding an Options Menu Configuration to Custom Activities

Yesterday, I wrote about how to debug a custom activity using Visual Studio. Today I’m going to show you how to add an item to the Options Menu so that you can have a reusable configuration setting that can be used across multiple activities in an IP. This is typically used for configuring connection settings… Read more

Stepping through Custom Activity Code using the Debugger

One of the first questions people have when they start writing custom Orchestrator activities using the SDK is “How do I step through my code?”. After all, activities are not executables, they’re just classes. And, it’s not until the classes are packaged with the Orchestrator Integration Pack Wizard that they truly become activities usable in… Read more