Patching Orchestrator Runbook Servers while Maintaining High-Availability

Balancing server patching with maintaining the availability of the services that run on these servers can be a difficult task for an IT Pro, with lots of repetitive, time-consuming, and error-prone steps. Luckily, Orchestrator has emerged as an effective automation tool to help IT Pros manage the patching process. But what about when the Orchestrator… Read more

Speeding up Runbooks by Improving Activity Loading Speed

Even on the product team, there is a lot of information we don’t see that gets published about the product. Other arms of Microsoft like Customer Support are continually listening to customers and feed bugs and change requests to the product team, but they also publish KB articles and helpful tips about performance, security, and… Read more

Removing Inaccessible Computers from Deployment Manager

Ok, I spared you the “SQL Sequel” puns this time, but this article does contain some SQL…In this article, I’m again going to talk about actually removing data, so here goes the big scary warning box: Note from the legal department: The process described here is not officially supported by Microsoft and are provided only… Read more

KB: Unable to deploy Integration Pack for .NET from Orchestrator Integration Toolkit to Orchestrator Runbook Server

Here’s a new Knowledge Base article we published. This one talks about an issue where attempting to deploy the Integration Pack for .NET that comes with the Orchestrator Orchestration Integration Toolkit, it fails and logs an event ID 10005. ===== Symptoms When attempting to deploy the Integration Pack for .NET that comes with the System… Read more