Designating a Runbook to a Runbook Worker in System Center Service Management Automation 2016 Technical Preview 5

Update 10/12/2016: This feature is available generally in System Center 2016 Today in System Center Service Management automation (SMA) deployment, when a Runbook is triggered, user has no control on which Runbook Worker would this job run.  To address this issue SMA 2016 introduces the concept of designating a Runbook to a Runbook Worker.  With… Read more

Introducing Service Management Automation ISE add-on

A few months ago, Azure Automation team released a new runbook authoring experience through Azure Automation ISE Add-on. Announcing the add-on, Joe outlined the customer behaviors that inspired them to build the add-on. This new tool is build based on the following observation: 1. Most of our customers use the PowerShell ISE when writing PowerShell…. Read more

SMA Capabilities in Depth: Runbook Authoring

Thanks to the new Service Management Automation (SMA) capability of Orchestrator 2012 R2, IT professionals and service admins are now able to automate repetitive, time-consuming, and error-prone tasks that span systems and processes to decrease time to value for their Windows Azure Pack cloud operations. The way SMA is able to provide this value is… Read more