Are you coming to Ignite? Come join us for a discussion on your challenges with SCORCH

We would like to invite you to join us for a discussion on the future of System Center and how we can improve SCORCH. This is an opportunity for you to meet the System Center leadership team and influence the direction of the product. We will have dedicated tables to discuss various topics with members… Read more

Opalis 6.3 and clustering the Integration or Management Server

This is a question I get every now and then and since I didn’t see it spelled out anywhere I thought I’d go ahead and answer it here.  The question is whether or not Opalis 6.3 supports clustering of the Integration or Management server, and if so is that recommended. The short answer to that… Read more

Evaluating the Reach and Scale of Opalis Runbooks

Adam Hall just announced a couple new articles that were published on Opalis and the next version of Opalis, Orchestrator: We have published two new articles that discuss how to evaluate the Reach and Scale of Opalis. These articles and associated Runbooks were created and tested in Opalis, and they will equally apply to the… Read more