Quick Tip: Error Handling Across Parent/Child Runbooks

I got a question posed to me in the form of a design change request for Orchestrator. And, true to fashion for Orchestrator, I pointed out that what was being asked for as a feature could be solved by the existing product by just architecting the runbook in a certain way. The scenario posed was… Read more

Best Practices: Which is Better… Monitoring or Triggering?

One of the major pieces of functionality in Orchestrator and in many of the Integration Packs the ability to monitor something (a database, a server) and start a runbook when a certain condition occurs. The monitor activities are used extensively by customers in a wide array of scenarios. But is it the best way to… Read more

Orchestrator Quick Tip: “Null” value conditions

There are times when you want to validate that the value of a property isn’t blank. For example, you could be checking the output value (published data) of an activity to make sure it’s not blank before proceeding. However, in the list of available comparisons, there isn’t a selection for “Is Null” or “Is Blank”…. Read more

Creating Single-Instance Runbooks without Queuing

One of the cool things about Orchestrator is that it can automatically handle multiple-instance threading of runbooks or queue them up depending on your need. For instance, you may have a runbook that processes new users to be added to Active Directory, and for a large company, you might have several concurrent requests going, so… Read more

Finding Out “How Did I Get Here?” in a Runbook

I recently saw a new feature suggestion in the Orchestrator feedback on Connect and I realized that we can actually accomplish the requested functionality today in Orchestrator, so I thought I’d share how. Here is the feedback from the customer: There are times when it would be very helpful to know which activity called another… Read more

System Center 2012 Orchestrator – Link Conditions

I was looking through the new articles over on our TechNet Wiki and came across this one that I thought you might find helpful. This one was written by Microsoft’s own Anil Erduran and in it he talks about Smart Links and link conditions in System Center 2012 Orchestrator: System Center 2012 Orchestrator – Link… Read more