Service Provider Foundation is Alive & Well in System Center 2012 SP1 Beta

To answer a question I’ve been getting a lot lately: yes, Service Provider Foundation (SPF) is still a part of System Center 2012 SP1.  The reason the question is coming up so much is that SPF moved in terms of packaging.  Up to and including the CTP2 release SPF was discoverable on release media at peer… Read more

Download: System Center 2012 Service Pack 1 Beta Integration Pack for VMware vSphere

The Integration Pack for VMware vSphere is an add-on for System Center 2012 SP1 Beta- Orchestrator that enables you to connect System Center Orchestrator to your VMware vSphere server to automate actions in VMware vSphere to enable full management of the virtualized computing infrastructure. For all the details and a downlink please see the following:… Read more

KB: Orchestrator Integration Pack for Netcool/OMNIbus activities return error "java.lang.RuntimeException: Invalid ObjectServer data type"

Here’s a new Knowledge Base article we published. This one explains how to fix an issue where Orchestrator Integration Pack for Netcool/OMNIbus activities return the error "java.lang.RuntimeException: Invalid ObjectServer data type". ===== Symptoms Error message “java.lang.RuntimeException: Invalid ObjectServer data type” is returned in the System Center Orchestrator Runbook Designer after the selection of the desired… Read more

Community Spotlight: New Configuration Manager Extension to Invoke Orchestrator Runbooks via Right-Click Action

I just saw this come through my email and I had to share it, and I admit I’m a little jealous and a little relieved at the same time. You see I have had the idea of writing an extension to Configuration Manager to launch Orchestrator runbooks via the right-click menu for some time now,… Read more

Community Spotlight: Integration Scenario for Orchestrator and Service Manager

Antoni Hanus, a Premier Field Engineer in California, recently wrote a blog article about integrating Orchestrator and Service Manager in a real world customer scenario. Here’s how he puts the scenario: “I was working with a customer this week who had an interesting scenario – in the System Center 2012 Service Manager Self Service Portal… Read more

Cool Tool: Orchestrator IP Cleaner (sneak peek)

When I was writing the article I posted a few days ago about importing IPs programmatically (More Fun with COM: Importing Integration Packs via PowerShell), I had to do a lot of testing to make sure the script was going to actually work and import the Integration Packs correctly. Along the way, I would up… Read more

KB: Unable to deploy Integration Pack for .NET from Orchestrator Integration Toolkit to Orchestrator Runbook Server

Here’s a new Knowledge Base article we published. This one talks about an issue where attempting to deploy the Integration Pack for .NET that comes with the Orchestrator Orchestration Integration Toolkit, it fails and logs an event ID 10005. ===== Symptoms When attempting to deploy the Integration Pack for .NET that comes with the System… Read more

SQL Sequel: More Useful Orchestrator Database Queries

In the last article, I showed how you can run a few SQL queries to find some detailed information about IPs, runbooks and activities and their relationships in the database. In this article, I’ll focus more on running runbooks (Jobs). To start with, here’s a diagram of the relationships of the tables related to to… Read more

IPs and Activities and How Those are Represented in the Database

Following some of my recent articles about how Integration Packs (IPs) are handled during registration, installation, and unregistration (see Understanding IP Installation: What Does Register/Unregister/Deploy/Undeploy Really Mean?), and as a precursor to a new tool I will be unveiling this week (trying to build the excitement a bit!), I wanted to talk about installing IPs… Read more

More Fun with COM: Importing Integration Packs via PowerShell

Around the office, we have more and more internal teams that are latching on to Orchestrator and wanting to use it for building all sorts of integrations and automations, but one of the things that comes up from time to time is how to get the ability to have some sort of complete installation process… Read more