IP Development Best Practices: Declarative, Imperative or Both?

When I first started working with Opalis (now Orchestrator) and the SDK, I was taught that you could create activities (and Integration Packs) using the declarative approach or the imperative approach. The way it was relayed, these were two mutually-exclusive paths toward the same end goal. As I work more and more with Orchestrator and… Read more

Understanding IP Installation: What Does Register/Unregister/Deploy/Undeploy Really Mean?

One of the most foundational activities an Orchestrator admin does is installing Integration Packs. After all, Integration Packs provide the real value to Orchestrator because they allow you to extend its capabilities and let you connect to virtually anything so you can automate and orchestrator across many different platforms. However, just because it’s one of… Read more

Understanding Sequential vs. Parallel Processing of Runbook Activities

I saw a question in the forums the other day by a person who asked how you should expect activities in a workflow to be executed when one of the activities generates multi-value data. In other words, one of my activities returns a list of things. How do the next activities react? Will they run… Read more

Orchestrator Quick Tip: What’s the Maximum Size of Parameters?

I see this question on internal discussions list every now and then, so I thought I’d answer it here to be helpful. The question was: Is there a maximum length for string parameters in the Initialize Data activity? And if the answer is “yes” – what would the maximum length for string parameters be? Let… Read more

Migrating from Opalis – Identifying activities that have changed in Orchestrator

Hi everyone As we have previously indicated, there are some changes in the Standard Activities (what were referred to as Foundation Activities in the Opalis product) with the Orchestrator release.  This raises the question for customers who are migrating from Opalis to Orchestrator for a way to identify which Opalis workflows contain objects that are… Read more

Leveraging the power of the Orchestrator Out of Box Standard Activities

A common question we get is “Do you have an Integration Pack for <insert a product/solution here>?” Charles even wrote a blog post on this back in the Opalis days! I wanted to ensure that everyone understood the powerful activities that come Out of the Box with Orchestrator, and all the incredible runbooks you can… Read more

Orchestrator 2012 Beta–All the useful links!

Following the Orchestrator 2012 Beta announcement and the previously posted What to Expect in the Beta below is a list of articles that will answers the majority of the questions that you will ask . We will be creating and posting a lot for documentation and information as we build to the Release Candidate, so… Read more