Orchestrator Quick Tip: What’s the Maximum Size of Parameters?

I see this question on internal discussions list every now and then, so I thought I’d answer it here to be helpful. The question was: Is there a maximum length for string parameters in the Initialize Data activity? And if the answer is “yes” – what would the maximum length for string parameters be? Let… Read more

Orchestrator Quick Tip: Setting Environment Variables in CLI Activities

Using the Orchestrator Integration Toolkit’s Command-Line Activity Wizard, you can create your own custom activities really easily just by using a simple command line or one-line PowerShell script. When creating activities, you can specify parameters that appear on the activity’s properties tab. When using PowerShell as the “mode” of the activity, the wizard lets you… Read more

Running the Runbook Tester as Another User

One of the threads I’ve seen going around the Orchestrator discussion list recently is how to run the Runbook Tester as another user. The Runbook Tester is launched from the Runbook Designer and automatically loads the runbook currently being edited. The Tester is launched in the user context of the user the Runbook Designer is… Read more

Finding Out “How Did I Get Here?” in a Runbook

I recently saw a new feature suggestion in the Orchestrator feedback on Connect and I realized that we can actually accomplish the requested functionality today in Orchestrator, so I thought I’d share how. Here is the feedback from the customer: There are times when it would be very helpful to know which activity called another… Read more

Dynamically Modifying Design-Time Properties of an Activity

In the last post, I showed how to create a configuration for an activity that shows up in the options menu. I also showed how you can use that configuration setting to modify the actions of the activity at runtime. In this post, I’ll show you how to modify design-time actions by using the imperative… Read more

Stepping through Custom Activity Code using the Debugger

One of the first questions people have when they start writing custom Orchestrator activities using the SDK is “How do I step through my code?”. After all, activities are not executables, they’re just classes. And, it’s not until the classes are packaged with the Orchestrator Integration Pack Wizard that they truly become activities usable in… Read more