Speeding up Runbooks by Improving Activity Loading Speed

Even on the product team, there is a lot of information we don’t see that gets published about the product. Other arms of Microsoft like Customer Support are continually listening to customers and feed bugs and change requests to the product team, but they also publish KB articles and helpful tips about performance, security, and… Read more

Removing Inaccessible Computers from Deployment Manager

Ok, I spared you the “SQL Sequel” puns this time, but this article does contain some SQL…In this article, I’m again going to talk about actually removing data, so here goes the big scary warning box: Note from the legal department: The process described here is not officially supported by Microsoft and are provided only… Read more

Sequel to the SQL Sequel: Helpful Stored Procedures for Orchestrator

I just couldn’t resist having a little fun with the title of the article…but today’s topic is a little more serious. In the previous articles,IPs and Activities and How Those are Represented in the Database and SQL Sequel: More Useful Orchestrator Database Queries, I talked about some queries to get information out of the Orchestrator… Read more

SQL Sequel: More Useful Orchestrator Database Queries

In the last article, I showed how you can run a few SQL queries to find some detailed information about IPs, runbooks and activities and their relationships in the database. In this article, I’ll focus more on running runbooks (Jobs). To start with, here’s a diagram of the relationships of the tables related to to… Read more

Quick Tip: Enabling Link Text But Getting Rid of “Link”

If you’re like me, you like to put descriptive text in a link to describe what it does. Perhaps it’s to indicate the conditions of a branching structure, like this: But what’s annoying is that when you turn on the Link text, every link has the word “Link” on it (as if you didn’t know… Read more

Want to Use .NET 4.0 with Orchestrator Toolkit IPs? Here’s How!

One of our most awesome test guys on the Orchestrator Team, Zhenhua Yao, who has delivered such goodies as the TFS IP and a PowerShell IP on our CodePlex site, has done it again! Anyone who has built an IP using the Orchestrator SDK knows that you need to set your project to .NET 3.5… Read more

More Fun with COM: Importing Integration Packs via PowerShell

Around the office, we have more and more internal teams that are latching on to Orchestrator and wanting to use it for building all sorts of integrations and automations, but one of the things that comes up from time to time is how to get the ability to have some sort of complete installation process… Read more

Community Spotlight: New Tool to “Sanitize” Runbook Exports

Ryan Andorfer, one of our favorite members of the Orchestrator community, has done it again. He has come out with a new utility to help administrators sanitize their runbook export files.Here’s what Ryan has to say: A ‘difficulty’ we have with migrating policies / Runbooks from one environment (dev) to another (QA / Prod) is… Read more