Cool Tool: Visualizing the Orchestrator Web Service

One of our friends over on the Office365 team who does a lot of stuff with Orchestrator and PowerShell (and I mean deep stuff), Tim Bertalot, pointed out a cool Visual Studio add-on that lets you visualize the schema of a web service. The tool is called the Open Data Protocol Visualizer and is available… Read more

IP Development Best Practices: Declarative, Imperative or Both?

When I first started working with Opalis (now Orchestrator) and the SDK, I was taught that you could create activities (and Integration Packs) using the declarative approach or the imperative approach. The way it was relayed, these were two mutually-exclusive paths toward the same end goal. As I work more and more with Orchestrator and… Read more

Cool Tool: Orchestrator IP Cleaner (sneak peek)

When I was writing the article I posted a few days ago about importing IPs programmatically (More Fun with COM: Importing Integration Packs via PowerShell), I had to do a lot of testing to make sure the script was going to actually work and import the Integration Packs correctly. Along the way, I would up… Read more

Want to Use .NET 4.0 with Orchestrator Toolkit IPs? Here’s How!

One of our most awesome test guys on the Orchestrator Team, Zhenhua Yao, who has delivered such goodies as the TFS IP and a PowerShell IP on our CodePlex site, has done it again! Anyone who has built an IP using the Orchestrator SDK knows that you need to set your project to .NET 3.5… Read more

Make Your PowerShell Script Activities Go “Splat”!

There are always interesting shortcuts and magical techniques to discover in PowerShell, and “splatting” is one of them. Splatting allows you to bundle a set of parameters into a hashtable and then simply using it as single parameter to a PowerShell function or cmdlet. For example, instead of specifying a command line with a bunch… Read more

Automating Builds of Orchestrator Integration Packs

From time to time I get questions from partners and some prolific IP developers who want to create IP’s automatically as part of their build process instead of having to go through the wizard each time. This is especially important when you have a lot of activities in the IP and you might be changing… Read more

Cool Tool: Hiding Unused Categories in the Activities Pane

Note from the legal dept: The process described here is not officially supported by Microsoft and are provided only as an example to the community. Neither I nor Microsoft, nor any other person, animal, vegetable or mineral assumes responsibility for the process demonstrated here. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! I have an Orchestrator system that… Read more

Getting Deeper Information from Orchestrator via COM, part 3

Before I start, here are links to the previous parts of this series: Getting Deeper Information from Orchestrator via COM Getting Deeper Information from orchestrator via COM, part 2 In the last two posts, I showed how to connect to the COM interface for Orchestrator and how to use it to get various types of… Read more

Getting Deeper Information from orchestrator via COM, part 2

In the last post, I showed you how to use PowerShell to connect to the Orchestrator COM interface for getting (and setting) various types of information. Now I’m going to run through a quick demo of how to get things like global resources (variables, counters, etc.) from COM and even modify them if you need… Read more