Best Practices: Which is Better… Monitoring or Triggering?

One of the major pieces of functionality in Orchestrator and in many of the Integration Packs the ability to monitor something (a database, a server) and start a runbook when a certain condition occurs. The monitor activities are used extensively by customers in a wide array of scenarios. But is it the best way to… Read more

Fun with PowerShell v3 “Robust Sessions” in Runbooks

A couple of weeks ago, Karl Prosser posted an interesting article on using PowerShell v3 with Orchestrator.And, while at MMS last week, I had an opportunity to sit down and run through one of the PowerShell v3 hands-on labs that were available. In that lab, I found out about the new capabilities around remoting and… Read more

Finding Out “How Did I Get Here?” in a Runbook

I recently saw a new feature suggestion in the Orchestrator feedback on Connect and I realized that we can actually accomplish the requested functionality today in Orchestrator, so I thought I’d share how. Here is the feedback from the customer: There are times when it would be very helpful to know which activity called another… Read more

Leveraging the power of the Orchestrator Out of Box Standard Activities

A common question we get is “Do you have an Integration Pack for <insert a product/solution here>?” Charles even wrote a blog post on this back in the Opalis days! I wanted to ensure that everyone understood the powerful activities that come Out of the Box with Orchestrator, and all the incredible runbooks you can… Read more

Orchestrator 2012 Beta–All the useful links!

Following the Orchestrator 2012 Beta announcement and the previously posted What to Expect in the Beta below is a list of articles that will answers the majority of the questions that you will ask . We will be creating and posting a lot for documentation and information as we build to the Release Candidate, so… Read more