KB: Orchestrator does not reconnect when the SQL server is restarted

imageHere’s a new Knowledge Base article we published. This one talks about an issue with System Center 2012 Orchestrator that happens when the SQL Server instance it’s using is restarted.



Runbooks stop executing and the Orchestrator Runbook Service and Management Server do not function as expected when the SQL Server instance that hosts the Orchestrator database is restarted. Errors are expected to occur during the downtime of the SQL Server, however proper connectivity and behavior does not restore once the SQL Server instance has restarted.

When the problem is occurring, the following events are logged to Orchestrator’s Event window:

The Orchestrator Runbook Service on <server name> is no longer running. Verify the status of the Runbook Server and try to restart Orchestrator Runbook Service. If the problem persists, contact Technical Support.


The Runbook Server is suspended because the product license expired.


The Orchestrator services must be restarted in order for normal behavior to be restored. Microsoft has determined this is an issue in System Center 2012 Orchestrator.


A fix is scheduled to be available in an upcoming update for System Center. Please contact Microsoft Technical Support for more details.


2768366 – Orchestrator does not reconnect when the SQL server is restarted (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2768366)

J.C. Hornbeck | Knowledge Engineer | Management and Security Division

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