Community Spotlight: Integration Scenario for Orchestrator and Service Manager

Antoni Hanus, a Premier Field Engineer in California, recently wrote a blog article about integrating Orchestrator and Service Manager in a real world customer scenario. Here’s how he puts the scenario:

“I was working with a customer this week who had an interesting scenario – in the System Center 2012 Service Manager Self Service Portal (SSP), they wanted users to be able to raise incidents on behalf of other people. Out of the box, you can pick an affected user in the full Service Manager console, but you cannot pick an affected user in the SSP (it uses who you are logged on as). Therefore, to achieve this via the SSP, we need some other means of taking a user input and populating the affected user field with it. This is a great example of how Orchestrator can add extra desired functionality like this to Service Manager.”

His post is extremely detailed and is an excellent walkthrough of the process. You should go check it out here: How to Raise an Incident on Behalf of a different person in the portal, using System Center 2012 Service Manager and Orchestrator.

Great job Antoni! Keep them coming!