What to do when the QIK Wizard throws an exception?

Our colleague Zhenhua Yao has done it again!  Another great blog can be found on his Blog, this time helping you troubleshoot when the QIK throws an exception.

From his post …

Being excited by the elegance of .NET based Integration Pack architecture and simplicity of writing such an IP, today my colleague decided to write his own “Hello World”. It didn’t take too long to get a DLL, and the next step is to package it to an OIP file. Then he found that QIK Wizard threw the following exception:


Obviously the error message wasn’t helpful because it didn’t say what the exception really was, and how to resolve it. In this case, windbg is our friend. With SOS extension, windbg can tell us exactly what is happening and where the problem is.

You can read the post here on how to resolve the issue …


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