Slow tab expansion in Ops Mgr Powershell V2 console

image Are you seeing very slow auto complete using the Operations Manager snap-in?  If so the folks at the Operations Manager team blog may have your solution:

I am a big Powershell fan, and I use the Powershell console regularly.  Depending on what I’m taking care of at the time, I might be using the plain vanilla console or I might be using the Operations Manager snapin to work with the latest builds of our product.  In both contexts, I find that a tab expansion feature makes my life a lot easier.  Powershell V1 had tab expansion support, and with Powershell V2 the tabbing capabilities have been greatly enhanced.

One bad thing I found with V2 tab expansion is that it is SLOOOW to autocomplete cmdlet names when using the Operations Manager snapin.   Typing something like “Get-Aler[TAB]” or even a standard cmdlet like “Select-Stri[TAB]” would sometimes hang your console for minutes.  This came up on the SCOM newsgroup recently, so it is clearly a problem for a fair number of folks.

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J.C. Hornbeck | System Center Knowledge Engineer

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