OpsMgr 2007: Not able to capture the web-site using Web application monitor on Win2008 64-bit servers

image You may not be able to capture a website using the Operations Manager 2007 (SCOM) Web application monitor on Windows Server 2008 64-bit servers.  When you try, the web sites are browsed but are not saved.


In Windows 2008 64-bit server, when we open an IE browser, by default it opens in 32-bit mode, so when we try to capture the web-site using the 32-bit version of IE using the 64-bit SCOM product it doesn't work.


In order to resolve this we can follow the below mentioned steps:

1. Run the Web-site capture from the Web application monitor

2. Close the default opened IE window.

3. Open a new IE window in 64bit mode (note that if UAC is enabled, we need to use RunAs administrator switch)

4. Now use the new IE window to capture the browsed web pages.

Hope this helps,

MD Shahnawaj Khan | OpsMgr Support Engineer

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