MOM 2005: Error in Exchange 2007 Metrics report – RPC and Database Performance report


The Exchange 2007 Management Pack for MOM 2005 was recently updated to support the changes to performance counter names in Exchange 2007 SP1.  One of the reports included in this management pack was not changed to support the renamed performance counters.  In the "MOM Exchange 2007 metrics/RPC and Database Performance report", you should see three graphs:

  • RPC Performance

  • Database and Log Latency

  • I/O per user

The "RPC Performance" graph should be generated and show data. The "Database and Log Latency" and "I/O per user" graphs should not show any data. 

All the other reports from the management pack should show data normally, plus, the data that you would expect to see in the two empty graphs should be collected by MOM and you should be able to see it in the performance views of the operator console.

Attached to this posting is the modified RDL file that you would need to import to update this report and populate the graphs. 

1) Download the "RPC_and_Database_Performance_Fixed.text" file and rename the extention to .rdl

2) Open the SRS report manager in IE and browse to the affected report.

3) Open the report and go to the properties tab.

4) Click update and browse to the .rdl file from step 1

5) Click “apply”

6) Run the report and make sure the three graphs are now populated.

If you can’t download the report, or wanted to make the changes manually, follow these steps:

1) Follow steps 1-3 above.

2) Click “edit” and save the report definition as an RDL file to your hard drive.

3) Open the rdl file in notepad

4) Search for the string 'Database' (include the single quotes)

5) Replace ‘Database’ with the string 'MSExchange Database'  (include the single quotes)

Note: there should be 7 instances of this string that get changed.

6) Find the two instances of the following query:

                ( select SMC_InstanceID from SC_CounterDetailDimension_View

                                  where ObjectName_PK = 'MSExchange Database' AND

                                                CounterName_PK like

   and replace them with this query:

                ( select SMC_InstanceID from SC_CounterDetailDimension_View

                                  where ObjectName_PK = 'MSExchange Database' AND

                                                instancename_pk = 'information store' and

                                                CounterName_PK like

7) Save the file and continue with  steps 4-6 above.

Rich Pesenko | Senior Support Escalation Engineer


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have this exact problem and have applied the fix as per the Blog post, but this has not resolved the issue. Is there anything else i should be doing in order to get these reports populated?


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