A couple issues regarding the recent cluster Management Pack

imageJust an FYI that the Operations Manager product team published a couple known issues regarding the latest cluster Management Pack  If you use this MP or plan on doing so soon then you’ll want to check this out.  I have the meat of their post below but you can read the original here.


There are two issues with the recently released cluster Management Pack that you should be aware of.

One of the Windows Clustering hotfixes required as a prerequisite for the Management Pack has been removed from the download site because it introduced problems for customers managing clusters with System Center Virtual Machine Manager. The hotfix is KB article 958807 “Windows Server 2008 Failover Clustering WMI provider does not correctly handle invalid characters in the private property names causing WMI queries to fail”. The clustering team is working on re-releasing that hotfix. The impact for customers is that they are not able to implement the cluster Management Pack until the re-released hotfix is available. Note that customers that are not managing clusters through VMM and have already downloaded the hotfix and Management Pack are not affected by this issue. It is however likely that they will need to re-apply the updated hotfix.

We will post information here when the updated hotfix is available.

Another issue is that the Management Pack may cause high CPU utilization on clusters with large numbers of resources (we’ve seen this on clusters with 60 and 80 resources). We are working on an updated Management Pack which will resolve this issue. The issue is with the “Resource State Monitor” which by default checks status of all cluster resources every minute. To mitigate, affected customers can override the frequency of this monitor. There is a fix being tested at the moment. Note that customers that are looking to implement the cluster Management Pack will also need the updated hotfix mentioned above.

J.C. Hornbeck | Manageability Knowledge Engineer

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Microsoft really needs to get their MP act together. I’m a consultant, and its really embarrassing when deploying SCOM at a customer’s site and have to deal with poor quality or converted MPs. Server 2008 was released over a year ago and only now there is a cluster MP?

    Years ago MS said they were serious about MOM and that all new products would ship with a MOM MP on the CD or very shortly after release. Not!

    Even if a MP is available, quality is often poor. The ForeFront for Exchange MP was so bad, my customer de-installed it. The SharePoint 2007 MP has many problems. So many, that another web site rolled their own MP to fix the problems in the MS MP.

    MS either needs to get serious about HIGH QUALITY and TIMELY NAVTIVE MPs, or give up the management space. Customers and consultants a like are tired of putting up with poor quality, or waiting over a year for MPs of new products.

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