Openness Partner Spotlight: COPA-DATA Helping Governments Manage Big Data from the ‘Internet of Things’

Posted by Openness Team As thousands of our partners gather in Washington D.C. for Worldwide Partner Conference 2014 this week, many will be focused on the Internet of Things (IoT) and how these new data sources can be translated into insights. We’re fortunate to be working with COPA-DATA, a Microsoft Partner Network member since 2005…


How Governments Can Overcome Open Data Challenges

Posted by Openness Team According to a recent McKinsey and Company report, open data’s economic value is an astounding $3 to 5 trillion annually. The world’s citizens have the most to gain through higher-quality, more affordable consumer products and services, but this potential can’t be realized without governments, which must lead the way in developing…


Socrata Releases Open Data Connector for Microsoft Office 365

Posted by Openness Team If you’re a Microsoft Excel fan who is hoping to use familiar technologies to meet the open data mandate, you should check out the just released Socrata Open Data Connector for Microsoft Office 365. By adding support for the Open Data Protocol (OData), an open standard for accessing data over the…


Openness Customer Spotlight: Italy's Lombardia Region Uses Open Data to Build for the Future

Posted by Parul Bhandari Government Industry Solutions Lead, Worldwide Public Sector Long recognized as an epicenter for business, technology, and cultural treasures, the Lombardia region in northern Italy has more recently earned a reputation as a leader in Europe’s open data movement. Lombardia launched its open data site,, powered by the Socrata Open Data…


Catch the Peace Train: “Make Web Not War” Rolls On with Next Open Data Hackathon

Posted by Keith Loo Open Platforms Lead, Microsoft Canada Last weekend’s Open Data Day Toronto 2014 (aka ODDTO14) brought together more than 300 public servants, community activists, and technology professionals to encourage government transparency and adoption of open data policies as part of International Open Data Day. The takeaway was clear – we have real…


International Open Data Day Supports Government Transparency and Local Economic Growth

Posted by Tara Grumm Senior Manager, Worldwide Marketing and Operations Citizens around the world are gathering for International Open Data Day to encourage government transparency and adoption of open data policies. The events welcome anyone with a passion to make their cities better, from developers to government officials and librarians, working side-by-side on real projects….


Openness Customer Spotlight: UK Government IT Services Trusts Microsoft Hyper-V to Run Linux and Windows

Posted by Openness Team FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) Services provides IT services to the UK Government, including a global network of embassies and consulates, which employs people in nearly 270 diplomatic offices worldwide. Last year, FCO Services delivered hosting and cloud services primarily on a VMware vSphere-based infrastructure, which ran workloads on both Windows…


Openness Customer Spotlight: Peel Children and Youth Initiative Opens Up Data and Opportunities for Local Children

Posted by Keith LooOpen Platforms Lead – Microsoft Canada Between after-school and dinnertime, there are many opportunities for children and youth to truly engage in their communities, particularly through quality after-school programs. The challenge, however, is not so much whether these recreational and education activities exist, but rather the degree of awareness and accessibility. The…


Openness Customer Spotlight: How Data-Driven Decision Making is Transforming Government

Posted by Parul BhandariGovernment Industry Solutions Lead, Worldwide Public Sector History has demonstrated time and again that when available technology catches up to ideas, extraordinary things can happen. The combustion engine, the airplane, and the personal computer are just a few examples of this principle at work. Similarly, today’s public-sector organizations are able to credibly…


Meeting the Open Data Mandate with Innovative Technology

Posted by Parul BhandariGovernment Industry Solutions Lead, Worldwide Public Sector Without a doubt, there is growing demand among citizens for access to public data. This burgeoning global movement, commonly referred to as Open Data, is forever changing the way government agencies deliver information, and the way citizens shape the policy decisions that impact their daily lives….