Openness Partner Spotlight: COPA-DATA Helping Governments Manage Big Data from the ‘Internet of Things’

Posted by Openness Team

As thousands of our partners gather in Washington D.C. for Worldwide Partner Conference 2014 this week, many will be focused on the Internet of Things (IoT) and how these new data sources can be translated into insights.

 We’re fortunate to be working with COPA-DATA, a Microsoft Partner Network member since 2005 and a technological leader for industrial automation software. They are on the front lines of the IoT mega-trend, applying their expertise to help governments draw insights from complex and large sets of data to create more sustainable and economically competitive cities.

Since being named a CityNext Partner earlier this year, COPA-DATA has expanded their Smart City solutions for the public sector. Especially in countries and regions where resources such as water and electricity are limited, the solutions based on the zenon Product Family help local governments to provide services as reliably and efficiently as possible to citizens, to reduce costs and to be sustainable.

“As of 2050, 70% of the world’s population will live in cities,” said Johannes Petrowisch, Partner Account Manager at COPA-DATA. “It will be very important for the local government to collect data from numerous data sources and create insights to save energy, make processes more efficient, and address the challenges of tomorrow. Only through an impactful IT infrastructure will it be possible to be cost efficient, sustainable and to make cities a great place to live.”

To learn more about how COPA-DATA is helping governments create valuable insights from the IoT data across cities, check out the below video or read our full interview with COPA-DATA’s Johannes Petrowisch.

Connect directly with COPA-DATA via LinkedIn and Twitter (@copadata).


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