12,427 Miles on a Motorcycle: Make Web Not War Announces Open Government Tour

Posted by Openness Team

Pietro MotorcycleThis summer, Richard Pietro, a member of the Make Web Not War Community (MWNW), is hitting the road for a 90-day motorcycle trek across Canada to raise civic awareness and engagement through an Open Government Tour.

“Make Web Not War has always had the goal of building an open data super site for Canada because the challenge we have is there’s so much information out there, but there’s not one place where we can find everything we need to know in Canada,” says Keith Loo, a Strategy Lead for Microsoft’s Openness team in Canada, and the driving force behind Make Web Not War. “So the goal is to put everything in one place, and the Open Gov tour does that.”

To learn more about how the tour is bringing together people and information from all the federal, provincial and municipal governments across Canada, please see the Fire Hose Blog.

Also, check out MWNW’s Open Government Road Trip site, which will serve as both a hub for the journey and as a way for Canadians to better engage with their elected officials and public services. Let us know in the comments where you plan to join us this summer!

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  1. Richard Pietro says:

    Hello everyone! I'm the fella who will be riding across Canada and wanted to let you know that we're still working on putting more information on the Engagement Platform.

    …till then, check out my blog post for more details 🙂


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