Microsoft Remote Desktop App Delivers Windows Apps to more than 1 Million Android, iOS, and Mac Users

Posted by Jose Miguel Parrella
Microsoft Interoperability Strategy

In October, the Microsoft Remote Desktop App was released in the Android, iOS, and Mac stores, bringing a dynamic Windows experience to devices around the world. Just a few days after release, the free app reached 1 million downloads and ranked as the fastest growing Android app from Microsoft ever.

If your company has users who work on iPads, Android, and Windows RT devices, you may also be considering how you will deliver Windows applications to those devices. With the Remote Desktop App and the Windows Server 2012 R2 platforms, also made available last month, enterprises now have a great option for delivering Windows applications to users across all the devices they are using.

For more on how Microsoft is helping enterprises deliver applications and protect data across devices platforms, please see Brad Anderson’s In the Cloud blog post.

You can give the apps a try today by following the store links below. Let us know what you think of the experience in the comments.

To start using the free Microsoft Remote Desktop App for any of these platforms, simply follow these links:

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