Openness Customer Spotlight: Caixa Econômica Federal Turns to Microsoft Solutions for Cost Savings and Improved Interoperability

Posted by Luís Fernando Patrici
Account Executive, Microsoft Brazil

Established in 1861, Caixa Econômica Federal is not just a bank, it’s an institution that impacts the lives of millions in Brazil. The 100% public company has a key role in promoting urban development and social initiatives across country, giving priority to sectors such as housing and public services and contributing significantly to improve the lives of citizens, especially those of low income.

Recently, Caixa was looking to significantly revitalize its IT solutions to support growth, accelerate decision making, and take advantage of the transformative benefits of cloud solutions and mobile integration. At the same time, they needed to ensure new technologies would work well with existing IT investments, including open source software.

Caixa decided to implement a robust suite of Microsoft solutions, including Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, and Office, to better support its 118,000 employees and 3,000 branches. Now Caixa is realizing a broad range of efficiency improvements – from streamlined communications to enhanced mobile productivity to significant cost savings.

In one year there have been impressive results, including the migration of 140,000 mailboxes, almost 40,000 desktops running Windows 8, and 100,000 users migrated from ISA Sever to Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) Server using Microsoft Reputation Services (MRS).

Employees and management alike are pleased with the improved functionality and business agility. “I believe this will revolutionize the way we work at Caixa,” said Marcelo Xavier, IT Consultant at Caixa.

Caixa’s new Microsoft solutions integrated well with their existing IT, including some legacy and open source solutions, such as OpenLDAP, Expresso Email, Apache web server and PostGreSQL.

Caixa is representative of a broader trend of previously open source customers embracing Microsoft technologies, or a mix of Microsoft and open source solutions. We’re fortunate to regain their business, as organizations have seen Microsoft investing heavily in work with open source vendors and communities, in supporting standard document formats like ODF, in building rich integration with Linux on the desktop and the server, and in mainstreaming the new stack of web standards like HTML5. They like that we have made a commitment to ensure our technology works well with others, combined with the overall platform value we deliver.

Watch the below video [in Portuguese with English subtitles] to learn about how Caixa’s solution is delivering cost savings, improved collaboration, and increased productivity across the organization.

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  1. Rodolfo Gobbi says:

    Hello Luis Fernando,

    My name is Rodolfo Gobbi and I am the CEO of 4Linux ( 4Linux was the company that supported Caixa with the implementation of Linux in ATM and lottery machines for 5 years. Caixa has been without support in this environment since October 2011  and currently 4Linux supports Caixa in the ExpressoMail (an Open Source email solution).

    Regarding the above news, I have both a 'request' and a 'congratulations':

    1 – It would be much more transparent and would give much more credibility if in the body of the news you explain the 'cost savings' mentioned in the title. To do justice to the words 'open dialogue' in the slogan of 'openness' could you show us data that gives support for the cost reduction affirmations in this project.

    As there are people who do not agree with your point of view of reducing costs, and believe that Caixa did not make a good deal on this purchase and made a complaint to the Federal Prosecutors in Brasilia ( protocolo PR-DF-00021539/2012 – Peça de Informação nº /2012-77 ) and also to the Federal Prosecutors in Rio de Janeiro (Public Complaint No. and registered under No. 2012.06.21.152413) I believe that if you show concrete data on this cost reduction you might clarify doubts that people have regarding this subject.

    2 – I would like to congratulate you for being able to record and post a testimonial video with this case ( even in PILOT stage)  and use the excellent reputation of Caixa to generate new business for Microsoft. 4Linux implemented Linux in more than 80,000 financial terminals serving the citizens and customers of Caixa. 4Linux repeatedly tried to generate a testimonial video like the one you have generated and many times heard the phrase 'it is not the role of a public company to give testimony to leverage business of private company'. Linux in ATM and in the TFL is already in FULL production for YEARS and your project is still in PILOT (as affirmed in testimony on video but unlike what you wrote in your article), facing the typical problems in projects of this size, but you have already got the authorization to disclose testimonials! The same explanation of "it is not the role of a public company to leverage business of a private company" was used regarding donations. 4Linux tried unsuccessfully to donate Linux courses to Caixa employees in order to train people how to use Linux and make it more useful inside Caixa and was forbidden. Microsoft can donate through this contract (among other free benefits) more than 15,000 licenses so Caixa employees can make use of the Office package at home, something that Caixa customers and other people in Brazil can not do.

  2. Samuel Santiago says:

    @Rodolfo Gobbi 21 Aug 2013 8:19 AM

    I wonder, IF your statements are true about courses and testimony.. and the CEF do that for microsoft a foreign company and deny this for a brazilian company…. maybe some CEO or Political recived a free travel or a new car….

    Pliss show prove about CEF deny your solicitation about free course and we will make some noise about it.

  3. José Eduardo de Oliveria says:


    As Caixa Employee, I´ve some comments regards this subject:

    During last 10 years, Caixa Econômica has been trying to implement some projects as Correio livre (Expresso) to work as internal messaging system but since the project starts, the design made to receive the service shows as unable to deal with more than 142k mailboxes because of this actually the Expresso has only 416 CAIXA employees even since when this video was recorded more than 142k mailbox were migrated to Exchange Server 2010. It´s correct, when the video was recorded it was only a pilot but now, all mailboxes from old system are over the Exchange Server. All desktops are using the windows 8 with all integration and potential we need, the Office with Business intelligence add-ins has been improving our deals.. Caixa Econômica Federal are seen the future! We´d really to thank all well done made of you but as everybody, here knows a lot of think are despised in you comments like: what are the role of Clarice Copete in your business Mr Gobbi?

    We have a lot of internal information that show us how much money CAIXA saved with this project not only because we are migrating the Exchange Server, because we have a big solution that integrate mail, voice, high availability with all business and core system from Caixa Econômica Federal.

    Searching all big banks in Brazil you can see all of them using the same system what are you complaining about. Not only Banks, also all customers who has necessity of integration, collaboration, facility and fast response even in support as well as better solution  . This behavior is crucial to help us to spend time with or core business.

    Please review:

    Apesar dos esforços da CAIXA e dos fornecedores para suporte e consultoria em software livre, não foram alcançados resultados satisfatórios em inúmeros projetos estruturantes da plataforma baseada em soluções de software livre. Isso implica na manutenção da infraestrutura de TI sobre a plataforma proprietária instalada.

    Assim, a CAIXA reafirma que acredita na convivência entre as soluções e plataformas, utilizando o software livre onde for possível, e o software proprietário onde for necessário.

    Assessoria de Imprensa da CAIXA


  4. Edmarcos says:

    Duvido que a solução seja apenas técnica…. Alguem está sendo favorecido em algum momento…

    Gostem ou não a Microsoft pode até ter aumentado em numeros mas recuou muito em participação do mercado.

    I doubt that the solution is just technical …. Someone is being favored at some point …

    Like it or not Microsoft may even have increased in numbers but declined greatly in market share.

  5. Kleyton Santos says:


    I’m Linux Consultant partner in Caixa Economica Federal. I have designed, customized and deployed open source solutions like PAAS, HA Clusters and RDBMS for the regional Brasilia in last 2 years.

    The open source initiative in Caixa Economica Federal is more significant than Microsoft with success cases like Multicanal, Correio Livre and ATMs, without include the heavy use of open source applications like Apache Tomcat, JBoss, PostgreSQL and others in the core of the business but we not have seen marketing about this.

    The same strategy has ben used with The Xerox Company to promote Microsoft SQL Server 2005. This is only marketing.

  6. John Do says:

    Oh yes, I am pretty sure that some small niche player with a dozen customers can support one of the biggest banks with the same ROI that Microsoft does (just the biggest software company in the planet). Why don't you provide free training for poor kids out of school then Mr. savior of the business morale?

    Give me a break…

  7. Kee Tomo says:

    A small niche player with dozen customers and around 50 employees don't has any condition to compete with any big company as you can see, they aren't able to sell they own fish. The marketing is the secret of selling.

    Mr Gobbi, excuse me, you had the opportunity in your hands, but without selling your fish, the sharks ownerships it…

    Lesson learned in this topic: you are not able to do marketing, you can't win…

    next steps: use small parts of you budget to improve your marketing team, look to the future and avoid polemical…

  8. Andrezão da TI says:

    Eu adoro microsft . O Rabit(Coelho) me ensinou tudo sobre o amor à microsoft.

  9. ricardo says:

    Go, go, go, Microsoft!!!

  10. Paulo César says:

    "José Eduardo de Oliveria", why you don't use your real name? By the way, you mispell "your" surname…is OliveIRA, not Oliveria.

  11. joao paulo cunhado says:

    Ola jose eduardo da CEF. Tambem sou funcionario da caixa e parece que trabalhamos em empresas diferentes pois o que ouço nos corredores durante os cafezinhos eh bem diferente do seu post. Acho estranho voce funcionario publico  responder por fornecedor.

    Trabalho ha anos aqui e nao gostaria de ver o nome da caixa envolvida com compras de ti que me envergonham. Gostaria que o TCU investigasse as doacoes feitas e a cumplicidade de diretores em pagar mais caro em um pregao sem concorrencia com poucos e ridiculos lances no mesmo momento qque um mensaleiro ( que colocou o diretor de ti aqui) condenado pelo stf, precisa pagar milhoes para seus advogados…. se a decisao fosse tecnica o software livre ganharia todas. Como eh por lobby e politica vai perder sempre.  O TCU deveria seguir o dinheiro e se confirmado o que falam nos corredores o diretor deveria ser expulso. Inclusive quem o poia.

    Como esse blog eh controlado pela ms, vou postar no br-linux tambem

    Joao paulo cunhado

  12. Diego V says:

    A CEF, uma instituição que despende milhões mas presta um serviço sofrível ao povo brasileiro, deveria expĺicar de que forma as suítes de escritório (OpenOffice, etc) de software livre deixaram a desejar em relação ao software proprietário adquirido. À parte de complicadas explicações técnicas que podem ser necessárias para justificar o abandono de outras tecnologias (SO, servidores de correio, etc) livres em detrimento das proprietárias, a explicação sobre a suíte de escritório é algo simples, compreensível até mesmo pelos usuários. O que a CEF não conseguiu fazer neste cenário que levou-a a gastar milhões em licenças, seja hoje ou amanhã, quando for preciso renovar eventuais licenças "doadas"?

    A CEF e a Microsoft deveriam ainda explicar de que forma a segunda presenteou os funcionários da primeira com licenças do Office, cujo menor valor de mercado é R$ 179‎, superior ao valor permitido pelo Governo Brasileiro para "brindes", conforme qualquer um podem se informar em…/presente – "O brinde não pode ter valor superior a R$ 100,00." . Além disto "… não pode ser aceito brinde distribuído por uma mesma pessoa, empresa ou entidade a intervalos menores do que doze meses." Opa, tem coisa errada aí não é mesmo?

  13. Anonymous says:

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  17. Anonymous says:

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  18. R a s says:

    Sou funcionário da caixa e trabalho diretamente na rede de atendimento, as mudanças são visíveis desde a mudança.sistemas muito mais rápidos,email com maior capacidade e vantagens de comunicação pelo LYNC.adoram citar o sistema de software livre como o
    aplicado nos ATM E TFL, mas so quem está na base de atendimento sabe o que é que ter que atender os bugs diarios que esses sistemas aplicam,principalmente o ATM

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