Openness Customer Spotlight: Windows Azure Helps Bring Teletica Back Online Amid Disaster

Posted by Yuri Porras
Manager, New Technology, Microsoft Costa Rica

When disaster struck the picturesque nation of Costa Rica in the form of a 7.6 magnitude earthquake back in September 2012, the population was in shock and the nation’s infrastructure was damaged. The website of Teletica, one of the nation’s largest and most prominent communications companies, was quickly overwhelmed by user traffic as people in the country and around the world logged on to obtain and share information following the devastation.

Unable to keep up with the volume of traffic, and finding their patches and quick-fixes insufficient to get the website back up, Teletica’s IT staff was at a loss as to how to proceed. That’s when they called Microsoft.

Within 45 minutes, they were able to deploy Windows Azure’s flexible resource allocation and open source hosting abilities to get the website back up and running. Additionally, Windows Azure’s interoperability enabled Teletica to develop and launch an open source mapping application that allowed users to post pictures and videos showing the conditions around the country in the wake of the disaster.

“With Windows Azure, we now have the ability to expand capacity quickly and to add servers according to user demands. In a time of crisis, Azure allowed us to efficiently accommodate the sudden upsurge in traffic we experienced, and it allowed us to host the open source application we required,” said Luis Zarnowski, Interactive Media Manager at Teletica.

For more information, see the following video on Teletica’s implementation of Windows Azure below (with English subtitles) or read the full case study.

Teletica video


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