SMB 3.0 Interoperability Efforts Supported by Thriving Ecosystem

Posted by Darryl Welch
Principal Program Manager, Windows Server Interoperability Engineering Team

Over at The Register this month, Trevor Pott praised Windows Server 2012, detailing his favorite features all culminating in what he calls the “crown jewel of [Windows] Server 2012”: SMB 3.0. SMB, along with its predecessor CIFS, are the most widely-used file-access protocols in the world.

However, SMB 3.0 isn’t a Microsoft-only endeavor. A critical aspect of Windows Server 2012 development is the ecosystem dedicated to shipping SMB 3.0 capable systems. We have been working closely with many companies and organizations by participating in “plugfest” events that provide opportunities for testing and feedback, as well as providing extensive protocol documentation.

Pott goes on to talk about how to build a perfect private cloud with Windows Server 2012, discussing how Windows Server 2012 “can also store virtual machines on SMB 3.0 shares, further reducing cost and complexity for various deployments.” He also speaks to reliability improvements, saying “SMB 3.0 has gained a number of features, including MPIO for resiliency and remote direct memory access for speed.”

Getting praise from Pott and others is definitely appreciated, but we wanted to pause to acknowledge that there’s a broader community that helps us move these efforts forward. Many thanks to those who have worked with us to deliver more reliable and interoperability solutions for our customers.


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    Thanks for that link to The Register article.

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