PHP 5.4 Available in Windows Azure Web Sites

Posted by Kerry Godes
Senior Manager, Worldwide Marketing and Operations

Microsoft and its partners continue to work with the PHP community to improve the experience PHP developers and users have on Windows Server and Windows Azure. Last week marked another milestone for improved PHP interoperability, with PHP 5.4 now available in Windows Azure Web Sites.

Windows Azure Web Sites helps you build highly scalable websites on Windows Azure, quickly and easily deploying your sites with the flexibility to start small and scale as traffic grows. Web Sites uses the languages and open source apps of your choice and easily integrates with other services like MySQL and SQL Database.
Developers have always been able to install a custom PHP runtime in Web Sites, but with last week’s announcement, PHP 5.4 is available with the click of a button.
Microsoft’s Brian Swan is a self-described PHP fan who has been working on interoperability efforts for years. For detailed tutorials on how to create PHP websites on Windows Azure, check out Brian’s Silver Lining Blog, which provides technical perspectives on open source and device development in the cloud. Let us know if the comments how you’re planning to use Windows Azure Web Sites

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