Taking Contre Jour to the Web with HTML5, Clarity Consulting and Internet Explorer

Posted by Kerry Godes
Senior Manager, Worldwide Marketing and Operations

Since 2011, the puzzle-focused game, Contre Jour, has captured the hearts and minds of mobile gamers worldwide with its ability to blend impressive, leading-edge 2D graphics with physics-based, multipoint controls. Created by developer Maksym “Max” Hryniv, the game is a perfect match for the touch capabilities of today’s latest smartphones and tablets. Earlier this month, Hryniv, along with Microsoft and Clarity Consulting, announced a version of Contre Jour that’s ready for the modern, touch-ready Web.
Making the dynamic elements of the game come alive with HTML5 and JavaScript, the team opened up dozens of game levels to be played on most any device with a modern HTML5-capable browser. For players without a touchscreen, the first 20 levels can be played using a traditional mouse or track-pad setup, while the remaining ten levels can be unlocked by players who have devices and browsers that support multi-touch.

To open up the possibilities for other developers to make their own Contre Jour-esque games and immersive HTML5 experiences for the Web, the Internet Explorer team also released a starter framework that’s ready for download now. You can also check out code for other HTML5 projects, like Atari Arcade, on the Internet Explorer GitHub site.

For more on how the project came together, watch the below video or go to the Contre Jour Behind the Scenes site. Let us know what other games and entertainment apps you’d like us to bring to today’s Web in the comments!

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