Microsoft and The Open Group Release Open Management Infrastructure

Posted by Kerry Godes
Senior Manager, Worldwide Marketing and Operations

Datacenters comprise a slew of heterogeneous devices supplied by different hardware and platform vendors and requiring different tools and management processes.  Companies are forced to write their own abstraction layer or to be locked into a single vendor, which limits their choice and agility.  Today, Microsoft and The Open Group are addressing these challenges with a new, free, open source technology called Open Management Infrastructure or OMI (formerly known as NanoWBEM).  

The public availability of OMI means that you can now easily compile and implement a standards-based management service into any device or platform from a free open source package. Our goals are to remove all obstacles that stand in the way of implementing standards-based management so that every device in the world can be managed in a clear, consistent, coherent way and to nurture and spur a rich ecosystem of standards-based management products.

The Windows Server blog has more information on this announcement and on how standards-based management has evolved (see the post by Jeffrey Snover, Otto Helweg and Wassim Fayed) or you can join the community and download OMI on the new community site.

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