Microsoft’s on{X} for Android: Start Automating Daily Life

Posted by Kerry Godes
Senior Manager, Worldwide Marketing and Operations

Smartphones have quickly become the central hub for business, social networking, personal tasks and so much more.  And for smartphone users who always keep their devices ready to be in hand and at work instantly – to call up a colleague, pick a spot to eat, pass the time commuting – the smartphone can be considered an essential, portable, multitasking assistant. A new app for Google Android-powered smartphones has been launched by Microsoft called on{X} (currently in beta release), which utilizes a JavaScript API to allow for the creation of various rules that can then trigger automated actions. Want to check the weather at a certain time every day or dim your device’s screen when the battery only has a 15 percent charge?  Simply set a “recipe” in the on{X} app – “when X happens, do Y” (i.e., on{X} do{Y}).  You can even publish your rules so that other on{X} users can try out and build upon your recipe.  
For Windows Phone users out there, don’t fret.  Microsoft is working on implementing the technology on platforms such as Windows 8 and Windows Phone.  The Android platform has a less strict security model that is well suited for deploying early stage technology previews and is a great opportunity for Microsoft to offer innovations like on{X} to even more customers. Roi Carthy fromTechCrunch has called on{X} “the coolest thing to happen to Android,” and IT World's Albert Filice said that “it was surprisingly easy to get started with.” Click here to learn how to start automating ( from your Android phone). What types of things will you automate?

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