Drupal + Windows Azure: A Winning Combination for SAG

Posted by Colette Stallbaumer
Director, Worldwide Marketing and Operations

In the thick of Hollywood’s awards season, the Screen Actors Guild debuted its Drupal-based website hosted on Windows Azure.  The SAG Awards site is a highly visible, high-traffic website and hosting it on Azure provides an open, scalable, public cloud environment.  SAG can tune up or down the compute and storage requirements according to expected website loads, thereby getting a more scalable, manageable and cost-effective solution for running its site.  
During the SAG Awards event, the site saw more than 300,000 visitors, supporting multiple uploads of pictures and news articles, and handling the spike in site traffic with ease.  Erin Griffin, CIO of SAG described the solution: “Understanding the best usage scenario for us took time and effort, but with help from Microsoft, we successfully moved our site to Windows Azure and the biggest traffic day for us went off with flying colors.”

Go to the Openness site for more on the broader efforts by Microsoft and Drupal to provide customers with interoperability solutions, as well as the Port25 blog for more details on SAG's Drupal on Azure website.  Let us know in the comments what other content management scenarios you'd like to see supported.

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