The Journey with Open Source

Posted by Colette Stallbaumer
Director, Worldwide Marketing and Operations

Wired ran this story today on Microsoft’s internal thought processes and changes that have taken place over the last eight years on the journey with open source software. Cade Metz examines how Microsoft has been making steady progress on both fostering interoperability with open source and enabling open source on our platforms. This nicely sums up some of our latest efforts:

"From the outside looking in, it appears that Microsoft has indeed turned the corner. The company recently added two open source platforms to Windows Azure — its new-age web service for building and hosting applications on the net — and it’s actually contributing open source code to these projects — as well as others. These aren’t minor open source projects. They’re big name projects with huge followings: Node.js and Hadoop. This would not have happened in the past."

Read the full story here.

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