Test your ability to run remote PowerShell on a computer before you actually do it

This post has been edited and updated for Orchestrator and can now be found on the Orchestrator blog: Quick Tip: Checking PowerShell Scripting Abilities on a Computer

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  1. Anonymous says:

    PowerShell is one of the common engineering criteria shared among many of the products within the server division, so we're definitely working to improve our capabilities there. The upcoming release is focusing on all the work needed to make Opalis a true Microsoft product, so we won't get in all the enhancements we'd like around PowerShell, but you can expect a few. It's definitely top of mind.

  2. Reza.Rezilient says:

    Robert, is there any plan to make the scripting within Opalis easier to troubleshoot, by having some level of debugging when the Powershell script is running?  I have run into issues where I complete a script and then plug it into Opalis but it doesnt work as expected, although it worked fine when from within the console. Thanks!

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