Trouble Making the Connection to OpsMgr, VMM? Don’t forget WinRM.

Sometimes we all forget to "RTFM". Some of us think we have stuff all configured right, but for some reason things aren't working. One example is when trying to install and use the Operations Manager or Virtual Machine Manager IPs within Opalis 6.3. I had installed the OpsMgr IP and when to create a new connection. I entered my information for the remote Operations Manager server, had the OpsMgr console installed on the Opalis server, and when I clicked on "Test Connection", I got this:


Not very helpful, eh? Well, even though the connection to Operations Manager is different than the connection to a VMM server, they both share the same thing – whether or not the target server is allowing remote connections. Quickly going over to the OpsMgr or VMM server, opening a command prompt and typing "winrm quickconfig" (and typing "y" to the prompt) will allow remote connections to the server and enable the Opalis server to connect. Now when I go back to the Operations Manager connection configuration and test it, I get this:


Unfortunately, the VMM connection settings don't have a "Test Connection" button. Maybe we can fix that in the next release Smile. However, you can spot a problem with the connection the first time you actually try to use a VMM activity. As soon as you select the connection, the activity tries to connect to VMM in order to complete the list of properties. If it can't connect, you'll get this:


If you've done the WinRM quickconfig and you're still getting this, then make sure you've followed all the appropriate steps listed in the VMM Integration Pack documentation:

  • Use GPEdit.msc on the Opalis server to set up the VMM server as a WinRM trusted host
  • Set the PowerShell ExecutionPolicy setting on the VMM server to RemoteSigned
  • Install the VMM Admin console on the Opalis server (so the VMM PowerShell snap in is available)
  • Try connecting to the VMM server through the VMM Admin Console – if you can't connect there, you might have a network issue or something as simple as the VMM service being stopped

You can find out more about WinRM configuration here: Installation and Configuration for Windows Remote Management

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