Create Visio Diagrams and Word Docs of your Opalis Workflows

I just thought I'd give a shout out to Bruno Saille, one of our Senior Systems Engineers in France, who developed the "Opalis VSD Generator". Since I saw the first version of this tool just over a week ago, Bruno has made a LOT of improvements to it. It's really not fair to call it the "VSD Generator" anymore since it now also exports Word docs. It's really cool and can really save you a lot of time if you're needing to document your workflows.

It's really simple to use, with a quick configuration dialog:


…and a simple tree view:


…and one click to quickly generate a Visio diagram:


You can get the latest release at the Opalis CodePlex site:


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Rob,

    I think that the app checks the registry for the location of the Opalis installation but if it can't find the install, you check the box next to the field and enter a network path to the appropriate directory specified in the docs.

    The application uses a SQL connection string to access the database, so it's likely that an Oracle DB will not work.

  2. Promising, but......some more explanation to "Network Access" would be fine says:


    This looks very promising. I'm in the process of creating lots of documentation, so any help from tools like this is highly appreciated!

    Maybe our environment is a bit odd, but I'd like some more explanation to the following "Requirement" would be nice.

    The requirement says:

    – No Opalis components are needed on the machine running the tool, but you will need network access to the Opalis database and to the Opalis Management server (a few DLLs will be copied over the network, for the export process – this was a manual process in the previous versions)

    Can you please explain what "Network Access" is required? Please some details, as I do have some network access but the tool is not able to locate the Management server.

    The same applies to the Database Server access. We're running Opalis on an Oracle database and I am able to connect through SQL-Plus.

    Thanks for a wonderfull tool and some clarification on the above.



  3. brunosa says:

    As the author of the tool, I can add a few comments on the "network access":

    It just means that the machine running the tool needs to have IP connectivity to the servers running the Management Server and/or the Database (as they might be different servers). Firewall exceptions must allow access to the network share on the Management Server (to the "extensions path" to export images) and also to the SQL Server database over classic SQL ports.

    As Robert said, this tool has only been tested with a SQL Server installation, and I don't think the SQL connection string would work against an Oracle installation.

    If you still have issues running the tool on the tested configurations, please send me an email (see the contact information in the documentation), and I'll try to investigate.


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