Workflow Authoring Examples and Samples

The Opalis team is providing some sample Workflows (policies) for customers and partners to help you get started in creating your own workflows in Opalis Integration Server. These Workflows are a combination of Foundation Activities as well as Activities from Integration Packs.

In each article, we’ll describe a specific scenario and how that can be done using Opalis. Workflows will be available as XML that can be imported into the Opalis Workflow Designer. The Workflows can be downloaded from the Opalis site on CodePlex, either in individual XML files, or as a ZIP file with all Workflows included in a single XML file.

We’ll be publishing the articles over time and keeping a list of them here (I’ll update this post periodically with links to the individual examples). The XML will be posted to CodePlex separately (and typically in groups of Workflows).

The links below point to the articles about each of the Workflows available. (article titles become active links when the article is published).

There are two “categories” of Workflows:

  • Authoring Examples tend to be smaller workflows with documentation that explain the Workflows step-by-step. They are designed to highlight the use of the Foundation Activities and/or design principles in Opalis.
  • Workflow Samples tend to be more complex, often looking more like an entire solution. They are designed as solution patterns for our customers and partners. Most won’t run out of the box (they require too much editing/pre-configuration for this to be possible).


You can download a ZIP file containing all of the workflow import files here:


Authoring Examples (simple)

Name / Link

Date Added

Workflow Filename

Global Settings: Schedules May 5, 2010 globalsettings.ois_export
Global Settings: Variables and Counters May 5, 2010 globalsettings.ois_export
Global Settings: Computer Groups May 5, 2010 globalsettings.ois_export
Integrating Scripts Into Workflows May 5, 2010 scriptsandworkflows.ois_export
Notifications: Platform Events, Email and the Event Log May 5, 2010 notifications.ois_export
Workflow Control:  Nested Workflows May 5, 2010 nestedworkflows.ois_export
Workflow Control May 5, 2010 workflowcontrol.ois_export
Workflow Design: Branching May 5, 2010 branching.ois_export
Workflow Design: Looping May 5, 2010 looping.ois_export
Working with Databases May 5, 2010 databases.ois_export
Working with SNMP May 5, 2010 snmp.ois_export
Working with Multi-Instance Data May 5, 2010 multiinstancedata.ois_export
Working with Text Files May 5, 2010 textfiles.ois_export
Working with Web Services May 5, 2010 webservices.ois_export
Working with XML May 5, 2010 xml.ois_export
Data Manipulation Functions May 5, 2010 datamanipfunctions.ois_export
Field Mapping May 5, 2010 fieldmapping.ois_export
Remote Trigger May 5, 2010 n/a


Workflow Samples (complex)

Name / Link

Date Added

Workflow Filename

Active Directory Password Reset May 5, 2010 passwordreset.ois_export
Microsoft Cluster Patching May 5, 2010 wincluserpatching.ois_export
Microsoft SQL Server Cluster Patching May 5, 2010 sqlclusterpatching.ois_export
Microsoft SQL: Server Dump Copy Load May 5, 2010 sqldumpcopyload.ois_export
Operations Manager Event Remediation May 5, 2010 omevtremediation.ois_export
Operations Manager Event Remediation and Enrichment May 5, 2010 omevtremidandenrich.ois_export
Operations Manager Service Alert Testing May 5, 2010 omservicealert.ois_export
3-Tier Application Remediation May 5, 2010 threetierremediation.ois_export
VM Provisioning May 5, 2010 vmprovisioning.ois_export
Working with FTP May 5, 2010 ftp.ois_export
Working with the Quick Integration Kit (QIK) May 5, 2010 qik.ois_export
Operations Manager Tool Integration May 5, 2010 omtoolintegration.ois_export
Operations Manager:  Manager of Managers May 5, 2010 ommom.ois_export
Operations Manager:  Maintenance Windows May 5, 2010 ommaintwindows.ois_export
Active Directory:  New Employee Onboarding May 5, 2010 newemployee.ois_export
Operations Manager:  Multi-Service Desk Integration May 5, 2010 ommsdintegration.ois_export
Quick Integration Kit (QIK) CLI Wizard May 5, 2010 n/a
Working with Remedy May 5, 2010 remedy.ois_export

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