Ensuring your Office 365 network connection isn’t throttled by your Proxy

One of the things I'm regularly running into when looking at performance issue with Office 365 customers is a network restricted by TCP Window scaling on the network egress point such as the Proxy used to connect to Office 365. This affects all connections through the device, be it to Azure, bbc.co.uk or google Bing….


Network Perimeters & TCP Idle session settings for Outlook on Office 365

*Update . This issue no longer occurs now we’ve switched to MAPI/HTTPS for every client/server connection aside from Outlook 2007. RPC/HTTPS which is what was causing this problem is being put out to pasture in October 2017. https://support.microsoft.com/en-au/help/3201590/rpc-over-http-deprecated-in-office-365-on-october-31,-2017 If you’re using a version of Office greater than 2007 then the advice is as follows: A minimum…