Search Health Reports (SRx) – Summary for each ‘Test’

Brought to you by, the Search Health Reports (SRx Core), which can be downloaded here, is a PowerShell-driven tool for surfacing complex diagnostics for SharePoint Search through new multifaceted reports. The SRx includes a battery of tests that leverage a customized SSA object extended with contextual data from many disparate sources.  For more information on this tool, please…


SharePoint Search Topology Limits Clarified for the Crawl Component

As more environments begin scaling out to the documented limits for Search, a common question tends to get asked… "Does the Crawl Component count against the 64 component limit?" The short answer is… no, the Crawl Component does not count against…(read more)

SP2013: Using Get-SPIndexReports to Troubleshoot Failed Master Merge

Ever had an SP2013 Index Component report a yellow exclamation point ( ) to indicate a "degraded index component" and then wondered what that really meant? From my experience, these almost always either tied to an underlying disk problem and/or some external…(read more)

The Upcoming Cloud SSA and Next Generation Hybrid Search: Initial Thoughts

At the Microsoft Ignite Conference last week, we got our first look at the upcoming Cloud Search Service Application (SSA), which enables on premise environments to push content to a Search Index running in SharePoint Online (SPO). And with it coming to SharePoint 2013 by the end of the year (and to SharePoint 2016 upon…

PowerShell to Deploy an SSA Across Multiple Servers (v2.0)

A few years back, I published a PowerShell script to deploy a SharePoint Search Service Application across multiple servers, but it admittedly had a few quirks in regards to Index path location… until now. Below, I’ve attached the new…(read more)

Another Shameless Self-Promotion: Presenting at Microsoft Ignite 2015

Coming to Microsoft Ignite next week? Then I invite you to come see Kristopher Loranger and I present on Tuesday, May 5: Effective Search Deployment and Operations in SharePoint Server 2013 We'll be covering some architecture best practices…(read more)

The most important Timer Job for Search you may not know exists

What comes to mind when I say "Application Server Administration Services" timer job? Based on the name alone, Search is probably the last answer – it was for me… until I learned just how important this timer job is to Search. Having failures during…(read more)

From SPC14: “Troubleshoot Search” session (spc375)

Wow! I wanted to send a huge thank you to the >500 folks that attended our session today and for the very gracious feedback. Here is a link to our session on Channel9: How to manage and troubleshoot Search: A practical guide (SPC375) http://channel9…(read more)

SP2010: Search Query Load Balancing *Explained (part 2)

As I began in part 1, seemingly “sporadic” query problems are often just straightforward failures being masked by the three levels of load balancing involved with a SharePoint 2010 Search Query and my goal here has been to help unravel all the moving pieces. Here, I described the load balancing that occurs when there are multiple instances of the SQ&SS (e.g. Farm…