SP2013: Using Get-SPIndexReports to Troubleshoot Failed Master Merge

Ever had an SP2013 Index Component report a yellow exclamation point ( ) to indicate a "degraded index component" and then wondered what that really meant? From my experience, these almost always either tied to an underlying disk problem and/or some external…(read more)

MS Ignite “Effective Search Deployment” Session References (BRK3176)

Thank you everyone that came by to talk about our favorite subject… Search. We are incredibly grateful for the number of folks that added us to their schedule, and we hope you came away learning something new. If your company or organization has…(read more)

Another Shameless Self-Promotion: Presenting at Microsoft Ignite 2015

Coming to Microsoft Ignite next week? Then I invite you to come see Kristopher Loranger and I present on Tuesday, May 5: Effective Search Deployment and Operations in SharePoint Server 2013 We'll be covering some architecture best practices…(read more)

SharePoint Search *Quirks: Query Variables

In several forums, emails, and discussions, I keep seeing this recurring question, " How can I limit results to a specific library [in this site collection]? " Turns out, this was more difficult than I originally thought …until I found mention…(read more)

Problems Crawling the non-Default zone *Explained

There is an undocumented assumption baked into SharePoint Search that the Default Public URL of a Web Application will be crawled. If you want everything to work auto-magically, crawl the Web Application's Public URL for the Default zone. Otherwise, when crawling a non-Default zone, expect things to break. Read here to understand why. …(read more)

From SPC14: “Troubleshoot Search” session (spc375)

Wow! I wanted to send a huge thank you to the >500 folks that attended our session today and for the very gracious feedback. Here is a link to our session on Channel9: How to manage and troubleshoot Search: A practical guide (SPC375) http://channel9…(read more)

SP2010: Search Query Load Balancing *Explained (part 2)

As I began in part 1, seemingly “sporadic” query problems are often just straightforward failures being masked by the three levels of load balancing involved with a SharePoint 2010 Search Query and my goal here has been to help unravel all the moving pieces. Here, I described the load balancing that occurs when there are multiple instances of the SQ&SS (e.g. Farm…

SP2010: Search Query Load Balancing *Explained (part 1)

Seemingly “sporadic” query problems are often just straightforward failures being masked by the three levels of load balancing involved with a SharePoint 2010 Search Query. My goal here is to help unravel all the moving pieces by first illustrating…(read more)

Alternate Access Mappings (AAMs) *Explained

Based on many of the support cases that I've seen, Alternate Access Mappings (AAM) may be one of the least understood aspects of SharePoint and can have substantial impact on Search (both Crawl and Query). In this post, I'll document some of my experiences…(read more)

Beware crawling the non-Default zone for a SharePoint 2013 Web Application

Update: I've now published another post " Problems Crawling the non-Default zone *Explained " that goes on to explain the underlying behaviors that I warned about and described in this post… ————————————— After playing…(read more)