Interpreting “Crawl Queue” report with Sharepoint search

We’ve noticed something interesting a few weeks ago while working on a FAST Sharepoint 2010 system.  One of the advanced Search Administration Reports called Crawl Queue report was suddenly showing a consistent spike in “Links to Process” counter.  This report is specific to the FAST Content SSA and the two metrics shown are: Links to…

FAST Search for SharePoint 2010 Crawler Troubleshooting

Being in the field for Microsoft has taught me some valuable troubleshooting skills for multiple applications. One of the most common issues that people ask me for help on is FAST Search forSharePoint 2010 crawler troubleshooting. I have done a presentation on this this for some Search users groups that got posted on YouTube HERE….

How can I determine what file types are supported in a FS4SP instance?

Q: How can I determine what file types are supported in a FS4SP instance? A: There are a few ways: #1: You can run the following PowerShell script on the FS4SP backend for the exact list:  C:\fastsearch\bin> $fastsearch = [environment]::GetEnvironmentVariable("FASTSEARCH") C:\fastsearch\bin> $rules = [xml] (Get-Content ($fastsearch + "etc\formatdetector\converter_rules.xml")) C:\fastsearch\bin> $rules.SelectNodes("//ext")   .doc .docm.docx .dotx .dot…

SP2010 Search *Explained: Crawling

In broad terms, SharePoint Search is comprised of three main functional process components: Crawling (Gathering) : Collecting content to be processed Indexing : Organizing the processed content into a structured/searchable index Query Processing…(read more)

The easiest scriptable way to check FS4SP certificates

Put this in a weekly script to make sure you never forget about certificates expiring.     $cert = @(dir cert:\LocalMachine\My -recurse | ? { $_.Subject -eq 'CN=FASTSearchCert' })[0]Write-Host "Self-signed certificate expires on:"Write-Host $cert.NotAfter -foregroundcolor "green"  

MSFT Documentum connector and TCS Troubleshooting

MSFT Documentum connector and Custom Security Trimming (TCS) Troubleshooting   Summary: With the release of the Feb 2012 CU for FAST Search PFE has been supporting the SharePoint  Documentum connector with custom security trimming in FAST Search. This guide is an expanding set of data points I have run into while troubleshooting. Official documentation: Configure…