Search Health Reports (SRx) – Summary for each ‘Test’

Brought to you by, the Search Health Reports (SRx Core), which can be downloaded here, is a PowerShell-driven tool for surfacing complex diagnostics for SharePoint Search through new multifaceted reports. The SRx includes a battery of tests that leverage a customized SSA object extended with contextual data from many disparate sources.  For more information on this tool, please…


SP2013 Crawling *Explained: Enumeration/Discovery (Part 3a)

With VerboseEx logging enabled, the crawl of a single item (or interchangeably, a "document") can generate more than 6000 ULS events , at times making troubleshooting a particular document analogous to finding the needle in the haystack. In this series…(read more)


Shameless Self-Promotion: Presenting at Microsoft Ignite 2015

If you are coming to Ignite this year and want to know more about Search in SharePoint 2013, come see Brian Pendergrass and I Tuesday @9am! Effective Search Deployment and Operations in SharePoint Server 2013   We will cover some architecture best practices, detailed look at query flows and the indexer. Most of the focus…

Securing Content feeding to FAST ESP

Part of my job is to support some clients that still use FAST ESP and an interesting question came up: What is the best way to secure the Content feeding to FAST ESP so malicious users or Devs don't accidently delete an index? While investigating restricting access to FAST ESP ContentDistributor it seems that the…

SharePoint 2013 Crawler Troubleshooting Concepts

SharePoint 2013 Crawler Troubleshooting Concepts Hello, in my years of IT and tech work I have come across many smart people in the field, some amazing system gurus and some coding ninjas, the best of which had a good one basic foundation, a solid grasp of troubleshooting concepts. If you take a step back and…

FS4SP Enterprise Search Blog

This is my 1st blog post to dump some information on working with FS4SP for the last 9 months. I am a senior priemer field engineer that mostly deals with operations of FS4SP. During my time working with FS4SP I have resolved many issues, created work arounds and defined Best Practices for specific customer requests.