SharePoint Search Topology Limits Clarified for the Crawl Component

As more environments begin scaling out to the documented limits for Search, a common question tends to get asked… "Does the Crawl Component count against the 64 component limit?" The short answer is… no, the Crawl Component does not count against…(read more)


Recreating the Popular Searches Web Part in SharePoint 2013

If you've upgraded from SharePoint 2010 to 2013 and previously made use of the Popular Searches web part, you may or may not have noticed that it no longer exists. In its place, there are now Popular Items and Recommended Items web parts (see: While these web parts are all well and good, if…


Viewing crawl logs in SharePoint Online (Office 365)

Cross-posting for Dan Harrington and his Office 365 Term-of-the-Day blog. The low-level details of crawling and indexing are not obviously available in a SharePoint Online site, but can be exposed via an eDiscovery Center site.  The procedure detailed below describes how this information can be made accessible to a SharePoint administrator. In SharePoint Online in an Office…