Crawling content with Sharepoint 2013 Search

Before we get anywhere further with search, let’s discuss in more detail how content is gathered, and that’s via crawling.  Crawling is simply a process of gathering documents from various sources/repositories, making sure they obey by various rules and sending them off for further processing to the Content Processing Component. Let’s take a more in-depth look at…

Search Architecture with SharePoint 2013

I’d like to revisit the topics that Leo have so well described in his 2 previous posts titled  ”Search 101? and “Search Architecture in SharePoint 2010?, but discuss those in the context of SharePoint 2013 Search.  This post will address general architecture of SharePoint 2013 Search, describe all the components involved and briefly touch upon the biggest…

SharePoint 2010 PowerShell incompatibility with .NET 4.X

There is a known compatibility issue with SharePoint 2010 and Windows Management Framework 4.0 (WMF), which also includes PowerShell 3.0. If you install these components on a server that also runs SharePoint 2010, you may encounter errors when running SharePoint PowerShell cmdlets: PS C:\> Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell The local farm is not accessible. Cmdlets with FeatureDependencyId…


SP2010: Search Query Load Balancing *Explained (part 2)

As I began in part 1, seemingly “sporadic” query problems are often just straightforward failures being masked by the three levels of load balancing involved with a SharePoint 2010 Search Query and my goal here has been to help unravel all the moving pieces. Here, I described the load balancing that occurs when there are multiple instances of the SQ&SS (e.g. Farm…


SharePoint 2013 Content Enrichment: Regular Expression Data Extraction

There are a number of posts on getting started writing a Content Enrichment Web Service. I found a great starting point. I recently needed to write a CEWS application to extract regex patterns from a managed property. I thought I would share this as template.   Define InProperty to be the name of the…


SharePoint Search *Quirks: Adding Content Sources

I recently encountered a scenario in which adding SharePoint Search content sources of various types demonstrated different behaviors depending on the particular order and the particular type of content source being added. Initially, the behaviors…(read more)


SharePoint 2010 – Why lots of web applications will hurt you

Intro I know this post is probably somewhat dated but if I can save those that will be deploying SharePoint 2010 instead of SharePoint 2013, this article is extremely relevant. It also might add additional weight to why we have decreased the # of web applications supported in SharePoint 2013. Yes, "Host Name Site Collections"…


Guide to SharePoint 2013 Host Name Site Collections

Intro to Host Name Site Collections (HNSC) First, I know several resources are out there published and all provide value. I feel like putting my own spin on Host Name Site Collections for SharePoint 2013 and I hope this helps you. Host Name Site Collections are the answer to simplifying and consolidating SharePoint Farm/s.   Let’s…


AAMs *Explained : Redux (and Presentation)

I recently gave a talk around AAMs and wanted to post my slides here (attached below as AAMExplained.xps). This post is intended to complement my previous post on AAMs , but these slides go a little further by starting to explore the impacts to crawls…(read more)