The First Batch of Script Sample Videos

In FY15, OneScript team collaborated with the Video team on video creation for some high impactful samples. The videos are aimed to help users easily understand the key concept of the code samples, and help them have an overall view about how to use/run and what's the result of using/running the samples from a two-minute short video clip.


All-In-One Script Framework

  1. How to tweak Start screen animation in Windows 8

    In Windows 8, you can see the Start screen animation at first login, but cannot see it if you switch to Start Screen from Desktop or from any other app. This video shows how to force Windows to show the animation each time you access Start screen.


  2. How to add an item to Startup in Windows 8

    Windows 8 provides you the option to manage Startup items that will run when Windows starts. You can easily disable or enable a Startup item in Task Manager. But adding items to Startup is not as easy as dragging an app shortcuts to the Startup folder like in previous versions. In this video, we'll show you how to use PowerShell script to easily add an item to Startup in Windows 8.


  3. How to change the power plan for multiple PCs in Windows 8.1

    For organizations with a number of physical servers or computers, appropriate power plan settings can save the power consumption on those systems. This video will show you how to use PowerShell script in Windows 8.1 to easily change multiple computers' power plans.


  4. How to add IE favorites to OneDrive in Windows 8

    IE 11 cannot sync Favorites between two computers respectively with Windows 7 and Windows 8. This video shows you how to use PowerShell to synchronize IE favorites with OneDrive in Windows 8 so that Windows 7 users can sync the favorites from OneDrive.


  5. How to back up Windows product key in Windows 8

    Sometimes, you might want to reinstall Windows 8 operating system. But you don't know the current Windows product key or cannot find it on your computer. In this video, we'll show you how to use PowerShell to retrieve and back up your Windows product key in Windows 8.


  6. How to change Windows Store app default installation location in Windows 8

    Windows Store comes with a variety of apps for users to choose from and install on Windows 8. By default, Windows Store apps are installed in the default system location. You can change the default installation location of Windows Store apps with PowerShell script.


  7. How to open Windows Store apps from the desktop

    In Windows 8, you can only open a Windows Store app from the Start screen. If you mostly work in the desktop environment, you need a different way to open Windows Store apps. We'll show you how to use PowerShell to open Windows Store apps from the desktop.


  8. How to remove multiple Windows Store apps in Windows 8

    In Windows 8, you can remove a single app by right-clicking it and choosing the uninstall option but you cannot remove multiple apps in this way. This video shows you how to use PowerShell script to remove multiple apps at the same time.


  9. How to pin items to the Start screen in Windows 8

    In an enterprise environment, IT administrators typically want to customize user's working environment by adding app or folder shortcuts to the user's Windows Start screen. This videos shows how to use script to pin items to the Start menu in Windows 8.


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