Request free Script Samples from Microsoft and the Community

Microsoft All-In-One Script Framework is providing a script sample request function.  This is a proactive way for our IT community to obtain script samples for certain IT tasks directly from Microsoft.

IT Pros are encouraged to submit script sample requests dealing with any Microsoft products and any scripting languages to the TechNet Script Request Forum (  At the same time, IT Pros can vote for newly submitted or existing script sample topics. Here’s the exciting part!  In this active IT community, your script request may be quickly resolved by the strong MVPs and other community members.  Microsoft engineers will also pick the requests with high number of votes and provide the script samples, free of charge.


We have a few suggestions for you in order that your request can be served at the earliest.

1. Before you open a new request, we suggest that you quickly search among existing script requests and vote them up.  



In addition, the TechNet Script Center has provided over 7000 script samples.  A quick search in this big script repository may give you surprises.


2. Please be specific about what the script sample is going to demonstrate.  Here is an example of a good script request: 

"I want a script sample that demonstrates how to change the background color of the Windows 8 start screen”.

General script requests such as “I want more script samples for Windows 8” will require more back-and-forth clarifications before our engineer can understand the actual script requirement and start to produce scripts.

3. If possible, please provide some proof that this script is needed by many IT Pros.  The team prioritizes to produce scripts that can benefit more people.  You may share the business impact of the script, or share the forum threads that are discussing the topic.  For example,

"I want a script sample that demonstrates how to change the background color of the Windows 8 start screen.  Many people are asking how to do this in the TechNet forum:”.


How are you prioritizing the script requests?

The higher the script request is voted, the higher priority will the team offer to handle, write and publish the script sample.

Besides the Script Request Service, Microsoft All-In-One Script Framework is also featured by creating scripts for frequently asked IT tasks in TechNet forums and Microsoft support calls.  The team prioritizes to handle your script requests over the script topics collected from forums, in order to give you a better and faster service experience.

Meanwhile, with the launch of many new Microsoft products such as Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, Office 2013, etc, we prioritize to handle requests for these new products.


What happens after I submit a script request?

Microsoft All-In-One Script Framework Team is monitoring the script request forum everyday.  Meanwhile, we have a very active and strong IT community in TechNet.  MVPs and community members may share their scripts to help you.

If the script request gets more than 2 votes, and no script sample is posted to resolve the script request, Microsoft All-In-One Script Framework engineers will start to handle the request.  They will first clarify the request with you when necessary, and research to see if any existing scripts can answer your requirement.  If none of the existing scripts helps, the team will submit the script topic to the field experts at Microsoft and triage the script topic:

  • Is the script going to demonstrate recommended practices from Microsoft?  (We will surely not demonstrate any hacking solutions Smile)
  • Can the request be resolved with one of two lines of code?  If the request can be resolved with a few lines of code, we will post the lines of code directly in your script request, instead of creating a complete, downloadable script sample package.
  • Does the script topic involve any 3rd party solutions?  If the solution requires the use of 3rd party components, please understand that it will be hard for us to make the demonstration.
  • Is the script topic too sophisticated and more like a product feature request?  If the script topic requires more than 1000 lines of scripts, we will consider it as a product feature request, and route it to the relevant product team for future consideration.

The field experts are Microsoft Escalation Engineers and the Product Group members.  If the script request is declined by the field experts, we will share the reason of the decision, and expect your understanding.

Next, Microsoft All-In-One Script Framework engineers will start to produce the script sample.  We will not keep you waiting for the complete script.  You will receive “code snippets” from our engineers for your instant needs.  The script sample will be tested by our testers, and reviewed by the field experts before publishing.

Throughout the process, the Microsoft All-In-One Script Framework engineers will keep you updated about the request status every few days.  If you have any feedback, please email




By taking this opportunity, the All-In-One Script Framework team wants to thank Don Totten and his TechNet Script Repository team for creating the Script Request Forum, and making it possible for us to launch the Script Request Service program. 


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  1. hi herbert

    You would want to use a converter to convert the type.  For any technical questions about PowerShell, you can also post them to the PowerShell forum:…/threads

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  3. herbert gomez says:

    unable to cast object of type system.boolean to type system.string how to resolves?

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