[Script of Dec 21th] Find Out and Move the Latest Mail Items in a Conversation (VBA)

Script Download: basMailProcessing.zip http://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/scriptcenter/Find-Out-and-Move-the-134f3982 This VBA demo illustrates how to pick up the latest received mail items among emails which have the same subject, move it to a specific folder. This is helpful when you’ve subscribed lots of notifications which might update frequently, but you only need to check the latest one. Also it is…


2 really Popular Windows 8 Script Samples from All-In-One Script Framework

Here are two really popular Windows 8 script samples from Microsoft All-In-One Script Framework.   One of them is ranking the 1st among all 7000+ script samples on TechNet Script Center based on popularity.  The other one is ranking the 4th.   The All-In-One Script Framework writes these script samples because their topics are frequently asked in…


[Script of Dec 20th] Scroll as New Messages are Received in Outlook 2010

Script Download: mAutoScrollInbox.zip http://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/scriptcenter/Scroll-as-New-Messages-are-190668a3 This VBA sample illustrates how to scroll the scroll bar to the top of a folder when there is (are) new message(s) received in Outlook 2010. This is a frequently asked question by users in the TechNet forum. For example, Outlook 2010 not displaying (scrolling) to latest message. Outlook 2010 scroll…


[Script of Dec 19th] Save attachments from multiple selected items in Outlook (VBScript)

Script Download: AttachmentSaver.zip http://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/scriptcenter/Save-attachments-from-bb855eea  This VBScript sample illustrates how to save attachments from multiple selected items in Outlook. When multiple items are selected, the Save Attachments option in the File menu will be grayed out, and it’s inconvenient to save attachments one by one. This script is useful and can be used to save attachments…


[Script of Dec 18th] Script to add Windows Gadget to user profile (PowerShell)

Script Download: AddWindowsGadgetToUserProfile.zip http://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/scriptcenter/Script-to-add-Windows-c35ab4fd This PowerShell script demo illustrates how to add windows gadget to user profile.   You can find more All-In-One Script Framework script samples at https://aka.ms/onescriptingallery


[Script of Dec 17th] How to batch rename virtual machines in Windows Server 2012 (PowerShell)

Script Download: BatchRenameVirtualMachines.zip http://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/scriptcenter/How-to-batch-rename-f3980e1d This PowerShell script illustrates how to batch rename multiple virtual machines by using PowerShell 3.0 in Windows Server 2012.   Batch rename virtual machines is a frequently asked question in many public forums. IT Admin wants to batch rename virtual machines like add prefix name or postfix name or replace specific…


Two new Windows 8 Script Sample Videos on Channel 9

Since we launched Windows 8 How-do-I script sample videos last month, the 3 Win8 videos in the first release have been watched for over 30,000 times!  We heard your voice that you want more videos to demonstrate how to use script samples to automate IT tasks.  The All-In-One Script Framework team is committed to this.  …


Microsoft All-In-One Script Framework Sample Release on December 11th

We have released 100 script samples!  There is customer evidence behind every script sample.  The team closely monitors the entire TechNet forum platform, and customers’ support calls to Microsoft, and create automation script to ease those frequently asked IT tasks.   We wish that the samples will save your time. Today, Microsoft All-In-One Script Framework is…


We are looking forward to receiving your feedback

Microsoft All-In-One Script Framework was publicly announced four months ago.  For those of us who are working on the project, it is like we gave birth to a baby.  The feedback from many warm-hearted community has changed him for better.  It’s a great joy to watch him grow under our careful guidance.  We take pride…


[Script of Dec 7th] Start a SharePoint Designer Workflow on Multiple List Items

Script Download: StartWorkflow.zip http://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/scriptcenter/Start-a-Workflow-on-120bffe5  This script can start a SharePoint Designer workflow on Multiple List Items in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. In a real world, you may need to start a workflow on multiple list items. It will be a heavy task if you do it manually, so you are looking for a script to…