UPDATE: 11/19/14: OneNote for iOS and Mac Prompts for Subscription after Update

After you install the latest Office 365 update, for OneNote for iPad, iPhone, iPod or Mac you receive one of the following error messages when attempting to access notebooks stored on a SharePoint site or on OneDrive for Business:

"We couldn't find an eligible Office 365 subscription for <account name>"


"Subscription Required: To continue using this notebook, activate with an eligible Office 365 subscription."


An Office 365 Subscription with the full, installed Office applications is now required to be able to access your Notebooks on a SharePoint Server or OneDrive for Business.  We encourage customers to follow the guidance outlined below to continue to access their SharePoint Server notebooks:


Business/Enterprise customers

OneNote notebooks on SharePoint Online:

OneNote notebooks on SharePoint Server:


Education customers

UPDATE 11/19/2014:  On 11/19/2014 we shipped an update for OneNote on iPad, iPhone & Mac to support educational users being able to use SharePoint notebooks. The update is available from the Apple App Store.


A KB article has been published How students and teachers can access OneNote notebooks that are stored in SharePoint or OneDrive for Business


For more information about these changes that were introduced see the following blog. 


Comments (13)

  1. Matija Razem says:

    I have full Office 365 subscription and using OneNote on Mac, but I cannot access files on sharepoint. I see only folders. On Ipad it works ok.

    Tnx in advance

  2. kjstech says:

    So I take it because we are in a one month free trial of o365 Business, this will not work? It works in IE on the desktop but not on ios app.

  3. Colin Bowern says:

    This is showing up on OneNote 2016 on PC as well – have an E3 subscription on the business side.

  4. Jim McLain says:

    I would like to officially call bullsh*t on this. If you have OneNote and an internal Sharepoint server then why do you need a 365 subscription to sync them? Very, very stupid.

  5. Kaj Storustovu says:

    We have Office 365 Enterprise E3 and are using Onenote and OneDrive for Business for sharing between laptops and iPads. It has been working ok, and suddenly we have to activate OneNote on the iPad (not very Enterprise-like) and for some users that works,
    and for others it does not.
    Please provide a professional solution, that my users can live with.

  6. Neil Cheshire says:

    Have been using one note for a while and despite having activated one note on iPad what seems like a million times it keeps asking again and again. Maybe this is Microsofts way of making me using a windows surface, to bad I will drop one note before I
    switch from iPad to that. Just fix it please! 365 account is work/education one!

  7. Ben says:

    Is there a minimum supported version of Sharepoint (on-premises) that OneNote for Mac supports or vice versa? In my organization we use Office 365 and we can add existing notebooks edit them but we are unable to add new notebooks. Any suggestions?

  8. Jeff25 says:

    We have the same issue where the iPad app is prompting to activate often. This is for work/education Office 365 accounts. We have to clear the credentials in the iPad Onenote settings and log in again to resolve. Very annoying!

  9. Activation disappears on Mac Office 365 says:

    Activated my E3 license nearly a month ago . Now every 3 or 4 days I get:

    "We couldn’t find an eligible Office 365 subscription for [insert MS victim user here]."

    I can use this fully licensed product every other couple of days. Isn’t that ludicrous?

    Most absurdly, in One Note I can’t even open my existing local notes because the defective greedy licensing scheme doesn’t work !!! This kind of product quality is why I’m working from a MacBook this year, and not from a Windows laptop. I plan to keep decreasing
    my dependence on MS products every year.

    Are you listening MS?

  10. glen says:

    Same here. This error recur is repeatedly even though I have a valid office 365 account. It makes Onenote to unreliable to use.

  11. GA says:

    Same problem! Business user with license for full office install as well as Sharepoint. Just allowed me to update to Office 2016 – so must have a proper subscription! OneNote 2016 on my PC (Win 10) is showing that I am signed in with my business account
    but cannot open any Notebooks from my business OneDrive. However all other apps are working fine with my OneDrive files (Word, Excel etc). Major issue – needs a solution ASAP!

  12. GA says:

    All – found this – it worked for me!! (PC Only)

    I found the following solution for me! I have changed the following registry key:

    Path: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSOFTWAREMicrosoftOffice16.0OneNoteGeneral

    Key: HasLicenseForEdu

    Value: from "0" to "1"

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