Azure Storage Analytics Metrics Management Pack

This is a draft of a SCOM management pack I made for Azure Storage Analytics Metrics.  It's not up to the quality of an officially released MP, but feel free to use/share/dissect at your own discretion.

This MP requires version or higher of the Windows Azure MP found here:

It will not work with the earlier Windows Azure MP version 6.1.7724.0 found here:

NOTE: You are on your own to turn Azure storage metrics on.  This MP will not turn them on for you.

For additional reading on the topic:

By default this MP will discover if Blob, Queue, and/or Table metrics are enabled on any if your Monitored Azure Storage services.  If metrics are enabled it will start collecting the following hourly metrics into the Ops DB and the Data Warehouse:

  • Availability
  • AverageE2ELatency
  • AverageServerLatency
  • PercentSuccess
  • PercentThrottlingError
  • ThrottlingError
  • TotalEgress
  • TotalIngress
  • TotalRequests

In addition to that, it will alert if Availability drops below 98% and/or PercentThrottlingError rises above 1%.

There are views for state, script events, and performance.

If you have any questions, comments, or requests, feel free to run them by me.  I may add to this MP over time.


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