Missing SPN causing domain replication issues

I was recently working with a customer where one of their Active Directory would not replicate. They were receiving Event ID 1645 in their Event logs: Event Type: ErrorEvent Source: NTDS ReplicationEvent Category: Replication Event ID: 1645Date: 2/12/2015Time: 11:12:15 AMUser: EveryoneComputer: DC-04Description:The Directory Service received a failure while trying to perform an authenticated RPC call…


Sysvol migration – Migrating to the ‘ELIMINATED’ state

I was recently working with a customer helping them migrate to the Eliminated state of Sysvol migration so I thought to highlight the steps that we took for this migration. Before the migration, we verified: – All domain controllers are in the Redirected state. Run dfsrmig /getmigrationstate against each domain controller in the domain to…


Microsoft security updates for December 2011

As part of Microsoft’s routine, monthly security update cycle, we released 13 new security updates on December 13, 2011. Get the details at http://www.microsoft.com/security/pc-security/bulletins/201112.aspx Read my favorites blogs: Designing a backup less Exchange 2010 Architecture Step by step guide for upgrading Active Directory from Microsoft Windows 2003 to Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Microsoft Exchange 2010…


Get your MCM Certification Video

Get a behind the scenes view of the Microsoft Certified Master program in action. Instructors for MCM Exchange 2010 give us their point of view during a recent training rotation. MCM instructors are the best technical resources available, consisting of senior Microsoft product team members responsible for the product itself, senior Microsoft technical support staff…



Configures the server principal name for the host or service in Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) and generates a .keytab file containing the shared secret key of the service. The .keytab file is based on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) implementation of the Kerberos authentication protocol. The Ktpass command-line tool allows UNIX-based services…


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Microsoft Exchange Server on domain controllers

If you are running Exchange Server on a domain controller without Small Business Server, be aware of the following issues: Exchange Server and Active Directory are both resource-intensive applications. There are performance implications to be considered when both are running on the same computer. If Exchange Server is running on a domain controller, you must…


Rolling back forest functional level

The only way you can roll back your forest functional level is from Windows Server 2008 R2 to Windows Server 2008 if Active directory Recycle Bin is not enabled. Review the following guidelines that apply to raising the domain or forest functional levels: You must be a member of the Domain Admins group to raise…


Exchange Support on Operating system, Active directory and others

Many customers have been asking on what is supported on various Exchange versions like operating system, Active directory environment, web browsers, Clients and others and the answer to them is Exchange Supportability Matrix. The Exchange Server Supportability Matrix provides a central source for Microsoft Exchange administrators to easily locate information about the level of support…